The Airspace4All GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial has today (12th October 2018) achieved a significant milestone with the sign-off by the CAA of the Trial Safety Plan and Trial Safety Case.

The CAA has been supportive of our efforts to run the Trial. However, that does not exempt us from formally attaining all the necessary approvals to proceed – we are after all seeking to operate the trial at live airfields with real people operating real aircraft! Creating and agreeing the content of the documents has been a major undertaking that has required a good deal of time, effort and coordination among all stakeholders.

Airspace4All had to create two supporting documents for the trial and have them approved by the CAA. These formal (and somewhat technical) documents explain everything about the trial. The formal risk assessment is covered by the Safety Case.

These types of documents are not normally made public. However, Airspace4All wishes to maximise understanding of the trial within the GA community and has agreed with the CAA that these documents can be made public. The reader will hopefully gain some insight into what is involved in running our trial and why these activities do not come about overnight.

The documents are available here:
Trial Safety Plan
Trial Safety Case