Electronic Conspicuity

This project aims to assist pilots mitigate against the risk of mid-air collision and avoid infringing controlled airspace by improving the electronic conspicuity of VFR aircraft.

Airspace4All will continue the work undertaken as FASVIG to contribute to the development of Electronic Conspicuity in the UK, including participation in the CAA’s Electronic Conspicuity Working Group.

One specific element of this project is an ADS-B trial to demonstrate the possibilities for small GA-oriented airfields to improve situational awareness for ATS staff and pilots. This trial may incorporate or collaborate with elements of other planned or concurrent trials elsewhere in the UK to help design the blueprint for wider UK adoption.


GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial

Under the auspices of the CAA Electronic Conspicuity Working Group (ECWG), in July 2017 FASVIG published a document to the ECWG entitled “FASVIG GA Airfield Pseudo Radar Trial” outlining a proposed trial of low-cost Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic display technology by GA airfields ATS units. This was endorsed by the CAA in a public statement on 16th August 2017.

Now, under the new Airspace4All banner, we propose to run the  GA Airfield ADS-B Traffic Display Trial during a six month window commencing in 2018 (subject to CAA permission).

The aim of the trial is to gather evidence to enable the CAA to assess this capability and give consideration to policy change authorising use of ADS-B real-time traffic displays by GA ATS units. Additionally, it is hoped this trial will encourage further development of technology to support ATS provision at UK GA airfields.

For the duration of the trial the ATS Units at three GA airfields will be equipped with real-time flight tracking equipment that provides a situational awareness tool (which is not to be used to provide any form of Air Traffic Control service).

The proposed Trial Airfields are:
• City Airport Manchester Barton (Barton)
• Chichester/Goodwood Aerodrome (Goodwood)
• Gloucestershire Airport (Gloucester)

Additionally, to complement those aircraft already equipped with ADS-B Out, a number of general aviation aircraft based at the Trial Airfields will be equipped with CAP1391-compliant ADS-B Out devices. Airborne ADS-B capabilities of the CAP1391 compliant devices are outside the scope of the trial.

The data transmitted by General Aviation aircraft during the trial is not assured, and has been treated as such in the safety assessment.

Trial Safety Plan & Safety Case

Airspace4All has been required to create two supporting documents for the GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial which were approved by the CAA on 12th October 2018. These formal (and somewhat technical) documents explain everything about the trial. The formal risk assessment is covered by the Safety Case.

These types of documents are not normally made public. However, Airspace4All wishes to maximise understanding of the trial within the GA community and has agreed with the CAA that these documents can be made public. The reader will hopefully gain some insight into what is involved in running our trial and why these activities do not come about overnight.

The documents are available here:

Trial Safety Plan
Trial Safety Case

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Previous FASVIG work on ADS-B

Information about previous work undertaken by FASVIG on Electronic Conspicuity can be read by following this link:

FASVIG work on ADS-B