Airspace & Safety Initiative have published another Infringement Prevention Update. This one covers the new Farnourough Class D & E airspace that comes into effect on 27th Feb 2020.

This update follows the format of the other narratives that focus on identified ‘hot-spots’ to help prevent airspace infringements. It has been written to provide a comprehensive guide to the Class D and Class E Farnborough controlled airspace which become effective on 27 February 2020.

Farnborough proposed to implement new RNAV instrument flight procedures for departures and arrivals, using RNAV1 and RNAV5 navigation specifications. These new flight procedures will be contained by the introduction of controlled airspace (CAS). The CAS is made up of two class D Control Zone (CTR) around the aerodrome, seven Class D Control Areas (CTAs) and two Class E Control Areas (CTAs). Electronic conspicuity for the Class E airspace is to be introduced as a transponder mandatory zone (TMZ). A speed limit of 250 knots IAS applies below FL100. These new linked structures adjoin the established London Terminal Manoeuvring Area (LTMA) CAS.

The full update is available here: