Here is a short video clip from the City Airport (Manchester Barton) ADS-B Traffic Display from the afternoon of Sunday 7th April 2019.


This clip has been recorded directly on the ADS-B Traffic Display PC. We are using software to record the Traffic Display screen so we can capture evidence of any specific scenarios that may be worthy of further analysis. ATS staff are also providing daily and monthly online feedback on the effects of using the ADS-B Traffic Display on the service they provide. This feedback will be a major input to the end of trial report.

The aim of the trial is to gather evidence to enable the CAA to assess this ADS-B Traffic Display capability and give consideration to policy change authorising use of ADS-B real-time traffic displays by GA ATS units. Additionally, it is hoped this trial will encourage further development of technology to support ATS provision at UK GA airfields.

If you are not familiar with the Airspace4All GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial you can learn more here:

Of great importance to the trial is a review by the CAA of policy on the training, qualification and licensing of Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs). This review is currently underway and the scope includes CAA policy on the use of surveillance systems such as this ADS-B Traffic Display. See CAP1669.