FASVIG Limited was incorporated in June 2015 in order to be the legal entity behind applications for funding for the Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) as it was at that time. Three years on, that strategy is being changed in line with the new CAA initiative branded as Airspace Modernisation.

The FASVIG (FAS VFR Implementation Group) construct, and indeed the FASIIG (FAS Industry Implementation Group) one, implies implementation which neither group can do directly. Further, the existing name for the group implies that funding will benefit VFR operators alone, when in fact the programme project deliverables are more all-encompassing.

Given that change in emphasis therefore, the Directors have initiated a change of name to the company registered as FASVIG Limited, which will be known as Airspace4All Ltd with effect from 1st September 2018. It is hoped that this will highlight the Directors’ commitment to supporting the Airspace Modernisation Programme.