CASA Discussion paper – Voluntary fitment of ADS-B technology in VFR aircraft (DP 1701AS)

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Summary of Consultation

Results Updated 20 Sep 2018

This consultation sought the views of avionics manufacturers and installers on appropriate technical standards and equipment that could enable lower cost ADS-B to be fitted voluntarily in VFR aircraft.

It also asked the wider VFR community whether they would adopt the technology if it was available.

We received 80 responses to the consultation, with permission to publish 61.


Many respondents supported the initiative for lower cost ADS-B and could see the value of ADS-B being widely adopted across the VFR community. There was also strong support for technology that is compatible with different devices and meets an internationally recognised standard.

What we will do next

Based on the responses to the consultation, CASA will change the rules to make it easier for VFR aircraft to install ADS-B technology. The amended rules will enact the following changes:

  • ADS-B 1090ES will be the technical standard recommended for VFR aircraft. This option was supported by 73% of respondents.
  • For type certificated aircraft: ADS-B installations will be classed as minor modifications, eliminating the need for Engineering Orders.
  • For non-type certificated aircraft (including amateur home-built and sports aviation aircraft):
    • owners and operators will be able to install ADS-B avionics under self- administration arrangements
    • uncertified ADS-B OUT avionics will be able to be used in any class of airspace, as long as it meets the performance standards specified in CASA’s CAO 20.18 or equivalent USA or European standards.
  • Portable ADS-B devices meeting at least the FAA TSO-C199 or the latest UK CAA Electronic Conspicuity standards will be useable for all types of VFR operation (powered or non-powered) in Classes D, E and G airspace.

Implementing these changes will require some amendments to CASA’s legislation, including the ADS-B equipment information in CAO 20.18.

Further commentary from CASA can be read here.