Today’s GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial feedback from Barton contained an interesting example of a safety benefit of the Traffic Display:

“Infringement of EGCB ATZ prevented by warning ADS-B equipped aircraft [G-XXXX], that it was approaching ATZ. This aircraft had transited the Manchester CTR, exiting the CTR in the vicinity of Lymm (approx 5nm SW of EGCB), and began tracking towards the ATZ with no comms established. As the aircraft reached Irlam I proactively called [G-XXXX], advised that it was about to enter the ATZ and asked if he was inbound. [G-XXXX] entered an orbit whilst aerodrome information and TI was passed. Had this aircraft not had ADS-B then it would have likely entered the ATZ without aerodrome information.”

Barton have upgraded the monitor used for their ADS-B Traffic Display to a new bigger 21.5″ screen. This greatly improves usability as it enables a split screen presentation showing a zoomed-out wider area (area of Designated Operational Coverage) on the left and a zoomed-in view of the ATZ and circuit on the right. With a physically smaller screen there is only room to show one view so a compromise has to be made between the zoom setting for the DOC versus the ideal zoom for the ATZ.