About Us

Airspace4All Ltd is a not-for-profit company.

Prior to 1st September 2018 the company name was Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group Limited (FASVIG).

Airspace4All’s mission is:

To work in partnership with other aviation stakeholders to explore innovative solutions to create a sustainable and equitable UK air traffic environment.


  • ensuring changes are timely, proportionate, efficient and proven necessary, in order to minimise disruption to other stakeholders;
  • challenging changes to ensure that modern airspace design, technology and procedures are utilised;
  • introducing comparators, when available, with best practice from other states;
  • ensuring that, despite change, access to controlled and regulated airspace is maintained equably at all times for the stakeholders;
  • offering solutions to the regulator that achieve Airspace4All’s mission; and
  • encouraging the General Aviation Community to adopt a unified approach and position on all airspace matters.