Not in ALT mode? – Then you’re not transmitting ADS-B altitude

22nd October 2020

CAA Announce DfT Rebate for EC Devices

5th October 2020

CAP1935 Outcome of the consultation on the Airspace Classification Review 2019/20

25th June 2020

New CPC Report – Enabling UTM in the UK

22nd May 2020

1 year extension to ADS-B Traffic Display Trial at Barton

20th April 2020

ATM Magazine Article on Airspace4All GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial

5th March 2020

EASA ‘Sunny Swift’ acknowledges Airspace Complexity

19th February 2020

Preventing airspace infringements in the vicinity of Farnborough Controlled Airspace

18th February 2020

Traffic Info from ATS ADS-B Traffic Display helps avoid collision at North Weald

14th February 2020

Solent CTA-3 and CTA-5 airspace infringement ‘hot spot’

2nd February 2020

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Airspace4All’s mission is:

To work in partnership with other aviation stakeholders to explore innovative solutions to create a sustainable and equitable UK air traffic environment.

Like its predecessor, FASVIG, Airspace4All seeks to deliver benefits across the three key themes of:

  • Modernising Controlled and Regulated Airspace;
  • Improving Access to Controlled and Regulated Airspace; and
  • Improving VFR Efficiency.

The current programme of work is planned to run until 31st December 2019.